Meet Sahyr

Sahyr Ramjany Life Coach Mauritius

Sahyr Multi Passionate Award Winning Thought-leader, Strategist, Intra-preneur with a creative mind that never sleeps, as his name says it, he is Awakened!

Considering himself as constant leaner, Sahyr is a Master in Counselling (Mauritius). As a Coach with various Certification and accreditation, such as The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Scotland), Transformation Academy (Florida). Sahyr Ramjany is an MBTI® enthusiast who hopes to shed more light on the experience of rare personality types.

Having been in the Advertising field as Designer and Brand Strategist in Mauritius for over a decade, Sahyr see things from a different perspective and will help you be who you truly are, finding a role that plays to your natural talents and abilities and help you in the career or business that fits you.

His circle is backed up by some influential figures in the field of applied psychology, and personal development.

Sahyr is known to be the expert in helping you get the clarity and strategies for you to earn confidence from what you are passionate about, all while keeping you inspired and motivated!

Visual Art Direction

Sahyr has been Art Director working in different advertising agencies with more than a decade of experience in Web Design and Web Marketing. He has the ability to work on and across different media and platforms, from digital to physical.

Sahyr the passion for advertising and commercial along with a keen eye for visual details and accuracy.

Creative Strategies

He reviews and direct work considering quality of design, strategic accuracy, and adherence to goals and guidelines.

Sahyr supervises and strengthen your production team such that on seeing the final design your customers throw money at you out of satisfaction.


Sahyr works with creatives, entrepreneurs and influencers to help them craft their ideas to life. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's how to turn a message into an inspiring story that'll impacts the masses.

Movie making is one of the thing that sparkles his eyes.

Movie Director Mauritius Sahyr
Movie Director Mauritius Sahyr

Business & Life Coach

Sahyr will give you strategies that'll give you the clarity and confidence to earn from what you are passionate about, with assistance and motivation.

The Team

As the quotes says:

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.

Here's the team that Sahyr built…

Movie Director Mauritius Sahyr

Earn From My Passion

Earn from my passion is the Sahyr's Signature Business Mindset Start Up Coaching program. Sahyr will give you strategies that'll give you the clarity, Strategies and confidence to earn from what you are passionate about, with assistance and motivation.


Sahyr is the founder of WISEPERCEPT the online platform merging computational thinking, modern motivation and mindset, entrepreneurship program to win over a fully aligned life.

Movie Director Mauritius Sahyr
Script Creative Story Writer Mauritius Sahyr

Sahyr's Projects

Sahyr is writing the book fort the next generation to let them know that the former education and system is outdated. 

Addressing to his closest person on the next era he entitles his book: Dear Daughter. an the new upcoming one. The Art of …

Sahyr's Story

Life Coach Counselor Psy Mauritius Ile Maurice

From the trap of life to an awakening life coach.

It was miserable and exhausting. I knew there was more to life and I was determined to find my way out of the struggle and finally overcoming the bullying.

Like many, I fell into the trap of looking outside of myself for the love, acceptance and approval I so desperately craved.