My Story

My Story of becoming a Counsellor and Life Purpose Coach in Mauritius

Like many, I fell into the trap of looking outside of myself for the love, acceptance and approval I so desperately craved.

I was in a situation where even my school teachers made fun of me. Telling that I'm not worth it. I proved them wrong, then I thought how many other young people fight desperately to be understood.

This played out in a battle within that arose from the false belief I’d be good enough if I was thin enough, getting stuck in unhealthy lifestyle, unfulfilling jobs, and losing any sense of self as I tried to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

It was miserable and exhausting. I knew there was more to life and I was determined to find my way out of the struggle.

Like many, I fell into the trap of looking outside of myself for the love, acceptance and approval I so desperately craved. That’s where the question came. Do I matter? Am I worthy of living!

The bullying

Being physically shorter than most of my peers, I was an easy target for extreme bullies. Their taunts and jeers echoed in the school yard, creating an atmosphere of constant dread. I tried my best to blend into the background, hoping to escape the attention that only fueled their cruelty.

One day, however, I found myself at the epicenter of their torment. The air was thick with tension as the bully approached, his eyes filled with malice. My heart raced, and the fear of the impending confrontation hung heavy in the air.

With a sudden burst of aggression, he swung his fist towards my face. The impact was swift and brutal, and in that split second, I felt the world around me shatter. The excruciating pain in my face was accompanied by a disorienting sensation – the loss of hearing.

As I lay on the ground, a mix of confusion and vulnerability enveloped me. The muffled sounds of the surrounding chaos reached my ears, but nothing was clear. The laughter of the bullies and the concerned voices of onlookers became distant echoes in my muddled reality.

Days turned into weeks as I grappled with the aftermath of that punch. The physical pain subsided, but the emotional scars ran deep.

The isolation became more pronounced as communication became a daily struggle. Friends and family tried to offer support, but the frustration of not being able to fully understand their words intensified my sense of helplessness.

Yet, within the darkness, a flicker of resilience emerged. I refused to let this defining moment define the rest of my life. Determined to overcome the adversity, I sought solace in the support of those who truly cared. Friends rallied around me, offering silent companionship when words failed.

As time passed, I adapted to the challenges that came with my altered sense of hearing. I learned to communicate through different means, embracing constant learning. Healing, yes healing, the taboo word. The experience, though painful, became a catalyst for personal growth.

I knew there was more to life and I was determined to find my way out of the struggle and finally overcoming the bullying.

I spent a decade into personal development, NLP, psychology. I quickly learned that the only way out of the struggle was to go within.

Guided and supported by the right professionals I was able to release the pain of the past, discover the truth of who I really was and embark on a journey of authentic self-love.

As I grew in confidence and awareness, I learned how to gradually dismantle the limiting beliefs and destructive behavior patterns that were holding me back and sabotaging life.

It was incredibly exciting to discover the power we have in reprogramming our brain, and the choices and possibilities that come alive as we grow in consciousness.

All of this growth was underpinned by learning and practicing the revolutionary power of unconditional love and how we can bring it into our lives to transform our relationships.

The results are beyond what I could have imagined. Today I live with confidence, passion and purpose. I know who I am and the power I have to create the life I want. I embrace life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

YES !! You do matter! You can make a difference!

Together let’s uncover and think about how you could use what was “given” to you to make an impact!